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CodeIgniter® 2.2

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Version 2.2.0


Release Date: June 5, 2014


  • General Changes
    • Security: Thexor_encode()method in the Encrypt Class has been removed. The Encrypt Class now requires the Mcrypt extension to be installed.
    • Security: The Session Library now uses HMAC authentication instead of a simple MD5 checksum.


Bug fixes for 2.2.0:


  • Fixed an edge case (#2583) in the Email Library where Suhosin blocked messages sent viamail()due to trailing newspaces in headers.
  • Fixed a bug (#696) - makeoci_execute()calls insidenum_rows()non-committing, since they are only there to reset which row is next in line for oci_fetch calls and thus don't need to be committed.
  • Fixed a bug (#2689) - Database Forge Class methodscreate_table(),drop_table()andrename_table()produced broken SQL for tge 'sqlsrv' driver.
  • Fixed a bug (#2427) - PDO Database driver didn't properly check for query failures.
  • Fixed a bug in the Session Library where authentication was not performed for encrypted cookies.


Version 2.1.4


Release Date: July 8, 2013


  • General Changes
    • Improved security in xss_clean().


Bug fixes for 2.1.4:


  • Fixed a bug (#1936) - Migrations Library methodlatest()had a typo when retrieving language values.
  • Fixed a bug (#2021) - Migrations Library configuration file was mistakenly using Windows style line feeds.
  • Fixed a bug (#1273) - Active Record methodset_update_batch()was using the incorrect variables and would cause an error.
  • Fixed a bug (#2337) - Email Library methodprint_debugger()was not usinghtmlspecialchars()when being shown in the browser.


Version 2.1.3


Release Date: October 8, 2012


Bug fixes for 2.1.3:


  • Fixed a bug (#1543) - File-based Caching methodget_metadata()used a non-existent array key to look for the TTL value.
  • Fixed a bug (#1314) - Session Library methodsess_destroy()didn't destroy the userdata array.
  • Fixed a bug where the Profiler Library issued an E_WARNING error if Session userdata contains objects.
  • Fixed a bug (#1699) - Migration Library ignored the$config['migration_path']setting.
  • Fixed a bug (#227) - Input Library allowed unconditional spoofing of HTTP clients' IP addresses through the HTTP_CLIENT_IP header.
  • Fixed a bug (#907) - Input Library ignored HTTP_X_CLUSTER_CLIENT_IP and HTTP_X_CLIENT_IP headers when checking for proxies.
  • Fixed a bug (#940) -csrf_verify()used to set the CSRF cookie while processing a POST request with no actual POST data, which resulted in validating a request that should be considered invalid.
  • Fixed a bug in the Security Library where a CSRF cookie was created even if$config['csrf_protection']is set tot FALSE.
  • Fixed a bug (#1715) - Input Library triggeredcsrf_verify()on CLI requests.


Version 2.1.2


Release Date: June 29, 2012


  • General Changes
    • Improved security in xss_clean().


Version 2.1.1


Release Date: June 12, 2012


  • General Changes
    • Fixed support for docx, xlsx files in mimes.php.
  • Libraries
  • Helpers
    • url_title()performance and output improved. You can now use any string as the word delimiter. Backwards compatible with 'dash' or 'underscore' as words delimiters.


Bug fixes for 2.1.1


  • Fixed a bug (#697) - A wrong array key was used in the Upload library to check for mime-types.
  • Fixed a bug - form_open() compared $action against site_url() instead of base_url()
  • Fixed a bug - CI_Upload::_file_mime_type() could've failed if mime_content_type() is used for the detection and returns FALSE.
  • Fixed a bug (#538) - Windows paths were ignored when using the Image Manipulation Class to create a new file.
  • Fixed a bug - When database caching was enabled, $this->db->query() checked the cache before binding variables which resulted in cached queries never being found.
  • Fixed a bug - CSRF cookie value was allowed to be any (non-empty) string before being written to the output, making code injection a risk.
  • Fixed a bug (#726) - PDO put a 'dbname' argument in it's connection string regardless of the database platform in use, which made it impossible to use SQLite.
  • Fixed a bug - CI_DB_pdo_result::num_rows() was not returning properly value with SELECT queries, cause it was relying on PDOStatement::rowCount().
  • Fixed a bug (#1059) - CI_Image_lib::clear() was not correctly clearing all necessary object properties, namely width and height.


Version 2.1.0


Release Date: November 14, 2011


  • General Changes
    • Fixed a potential parameter injection flaw in the Security Library and strengthened the XSS filter for HTML5 vulnerabilites.
    • Callback validation rules can now accept parameters like any other validation rule.
    • Added html_escape() to the Common functions to escape HTML output for preventing XSS easliy.
  • Helpers
    • Addedincrement_string()to String Helper to turn "foo" into "foo-1" or "foo-1" into "foo-2".
    • Altered form helper - made action on form_open_multipart helper function call optional. Fixes (#65)
    • url_title()will now trim extra dashes from beginning and end.
    • Improved speed of String Helper's random_string() method
  • Database
    • Added a CUBRID driver to the Database driver. Thanks to the CUBRID team for supplying this patch.
    • Added a PDO driver to the Database driver.
    • Typecast limit and offset in the Database driver to integers to avoid possible injection.
    • Added additional option 'none' for the optional third argument for $this->db->like() in the Database driver.
    • Added $this->db->insert_batch() support to the OCI8 (Oracle) driver.
  • Libraries
    • Changed $this->cart->insert() in the Cart library to return the Row ID if a single item was inserted successfully.
    • Added support to set an optional parameter in your callback rules of validation using the Form Validation library.
    • Added a Migration library to assist with applying incremental updates to your database schema.
    • Driver children can be located in any package path.
    • Addedis_uniqueto the Form Validation library.
    • Added $config['use_page_numbers'] to the Pagination library, which enables real page numbers in the URI.
    • Added TLS and SSL Encryption for SMTP.
  • Core
    • Changed private functions in URI library to protected so MY_URI can override them.
    • RemovedCI_COREboolean constant from CodeIgniter.php (there are no longer different Reactor and Core versions).


Bug fixes for 2.1.0


  • Fixed #378 Robots identified as regular browsers by the User Agent class.
  • If a config class was loaded first then a library with the same name is loaded, the config would be ignored.
  • Fixed a bug (Reactor #19) where 1) the 404_override route was being ignored in some cases, and 2) auto-loaded libraries were not available to the 404_override controller when a controller existed but the requested method did not.
  • Fixed a bug (Reactor #89) where MySQL export would fail if the table had hyphens or other non alphanumeric/underscore characters.
  • Fixed a bug (#200) where MySQL queries would be malformed after calling $this->db->count_all() then $this->db->get()
  • Fixed bug #105 that stopped query errors from being logged unless database debugging was enabled
  • Fixed a bug (#160) - Removed unneeded array copy in the file cache driver.
  • Fixed a bug (#150) -field_data()now correctly returns column length.
  • Fixed a bug (#8) -load_class()now looks for core classes inAPPPATHfirst, allowing them to be replaced.
  • Fixed a bug (#24) - ODBC database driver called incorrect parent in __construct().
  • Fixed a bug (#85) - OCI8 (Oracle) database escape_str() function did not escape correct.
  • Fixed a bug (#344) - Using schema found in Saving Session Data to a Database, system would throw error "user_data does not have a default value" when deleting then creating a session.
  • Fixed a bug (#112) - OCI8 (Oracle) driver didn't pass the configured database character set when connecting.
  • Fixed a bug (#182) - OCI8 (Oracle) driver used to re-execute the statement whenever num_rows() is called.
  • Fixed a bug (#82) - WHERE clause field names in the DB update_string() method were not escaped, resulting in failed queries in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug (#89) - Fix a variable type mismatch in DB display_error() where an array is expected, but a string could be set instead.
  • Fixed a bug (#467) - Suppress warnings generated from get_magic_quotes_gpc() (deprecated in PHP 5.4)
  • Fixed a bug (#484) - First time _csrf_set_hash() is called, hash is never set to the cookie (in Security.php).
  • Fixed a bug (#60) - Added _file_mime_type() method to the File Uploading Library in order to fix a possible MIME-type injection (also fixes bug #394).
  • Fixed a bug (#537) - Support for all wav type in browser.
  • Fixed a bug (#576) - Using ini_get() function to detect if apc is enabled or not.
  • Fixed invalid date time format in Date helper and XMLRPC library.


Version 2.0.3


Release Date: August 20, 2011


  • Security
    • An improvement was made to the MySQL and MySQLi drivers to prevent exposing a potential vector for SQL injection on sites using multi-byte character sets in the database client connection.

      An incompatibility in PHP versions < 5.2.3 and MySQL < 5.0.7 with mysql_set_charset() creates a situation where using multi-byte character sets on these environments may potentially expose a SQL injection attack vector. Latin-1, UTF-8, and other "low ASCII" character sets are unaffected on all environments.

      If you are running or considering running a multi-byte character set for your database connection, please pay close attention to the server environment you are deploying on to ensure you are not vulnerable.

  • General Changes
    • Fixed a bug where there was a misspelling within a code comment in the index.php file.
    • Added Session Class userdata to the output profiler. Additionally, added a show/hide toggle on HTTP Headers, Session Data and Config Variables.
    • Removed internal usage of theEXTconstant.
    • Visual updates to the welcome_message view file and default error templates. Thanks to danijelb for the pull request.
    • Added "application/x-csv" to mimes.php.
    • Fixed a bug where Email library attachments with a "." in the name would using invalid MIME-types.
    • Callback validation rules can now accept parameters like any other validation rule.
  • Helpers
    • Added an optional third parameter toheading()which allows adding html attributes to the rendered heading tag.
    • form_open() now only adds a hidden (Cross-site Reference Forgery) protection field when the form's action is internal and is set to the post method. (Reactor #165)
    • Re-workedplural()andsingular()functions in the Inflector helper to support considerably more words.
  • Libraries
    • Altered Session to use a longer match against the user_agent string. See upgrade notes if using database sessions.
    • Added is_unique to the Form Validation library.
    • Added $this->db->set_dbprefix() to the Database Driver.
    • Changed $this->cart->insert() in the Cart Library to return the Row ID if a single item was inserted successfully.
    • Added $this->load->get_var() to the Loader library to retrieve global vars set with $this->load->view() and $this->load->vars().
    • Changed $this->db->having() to insert quotes using escape() rather than escape_str().


Bug fixes for 2.0.3


  • Added ENVIRONMENT to reserved constants. (Reactor #196)
  • Changed server check to ensure SCRIPT_NAME is defined. (Reactor #57)
  • RemovedAPPPATH.'third_party'from the packages autoloader to negate needless file stats if no packages exist or if the developer does not load any other packages by default.
  • Fixed a bug (Reactor #231) where Sessions Library database table example SQL did not contain an index on last_activity. See Upgrade Notes.
  • Fixed a bug (Reactor #229) where the Sessions Library example SQL in the documentation contained incorrect SQL.
  • Fixed a bug (Core #340) where when passing in the second parameter to $this->db->select(), column names in subsequent queries would not be properly escaped.
  • Fixed issue #199 - Attributes passed as string does not include a space between it and the opening tag.
  • Fixed a bug where the method $this->cart->total_items() from Cart Library now returns the sum of the quantity of all items in the cart instead of your total count.
  • Fixed a bug where not setting 'null' when adding fields in db_forge for mysql and mysqli drivers would default to NULL instead of NOT NULL as the docs suggest.
  • Fixed a bug where using $this->db->select_max(), $this->db->select_min(), etc could throw notices. Thanks to w43l for the patch.
  • Replace checks for STDIN with php_sapi_name() == 'cli' which on the whole is more reliable. This should get parameters in crontab working.


Version 2.0.2


Release Date: April 7, 2011
Hg Tag: v2.0.2


  • General changes
    • The Security library was moved to the core and is now loaded automatically. Please remove your loading calls.
    • The CI_SHA class is now deprecated. All supported versions of PHP provide a sha1() function.
    • constants.php will now be loaded from the environment folder if available.
    • Added language key error logging
    • Made Environment Support optional. Comment out or delete the constant to stop environment checks.
    • Added Environment Support for Hooks.
    • Added CI_ Prefix to the Cache driver.
    • Added CLI usage documentation.
  • Helpers
    • Removed the previously deprecated dohash() from the Security helper; use do_hash() instead.
    • Changed the 'plural' function so that it doesn't ruin the captalization of your string. It also take into consideration acronyms which are all caps.
  • Database
    • $this->db->count_all_results() will now return an integer instead of a string.


Bug fixes for 2.0.2


  • Fixed a bug (Reactor #145) where the Output Library had parse_exec_vars set to protected.
  • Fixed a bug (Reactor #80) where is_really_writable would create an empty file when on Windows or with safe_mode enabled.
  • Fixed various bugs with User Guide.
  • Added is_cli_request() method to documentation for Input class.
  • Added form_validation_lang entries for decimal, less_than and greater_than.
  • Fixed issue #153 Escape Str Bug in MSSQL driver.
  • Fixed issue #172 Google Chrome 11 posts incorrectly when action is empty.


Version 2.0.1


Release Date: March 15, 2011
Hg Tag: v2.0.1


  • General changes
    • Added $config['cookie_secure'] to the config file to allow requiring a secure (HTTPS) in order to set cookies.
    • Added the constant CI_CORE to help differentiate between Core: TRUE and Reactor: FALSE.
    • Added an ENVIRONMENT constant in index.php, which affects PHP error reporting settings, and optionally, which configuration files are loaded (see below). Read more on the Handling Environments page.
    • Added support for environment-specific configuration files.
  • Libraries
    • Added decimal, less_than and greater_than rules to the Form validation Class.
    • Input Class methods post() and get() will now return a full array if the first argument is not provided.
    • Secure cookies can now be made with the set_cookie() helper and Input Class method.
    • Added set_content_type() to Output Class to set the output Content-Type HTTP header based on a MIME Type or a config/mimes.php array key.
    • Output Class will now support method chaining.
  • Helpers
    • Changed the logic for form_open() in Form helper. If no value is passed it will submit to the current URL.


Bug fixes for 2.0.1


  • CLI requests can now be run from any folder, not just when CD'ed next to index.php.
  • Fixed issue #41: Added audio/mp3 mime type to mp3.
  • Fixed a bug (Core #329) where the file caching driver referenced the incorrect cache directory.
  • Fixed a bug (Reactor #69) where the SHA1 library was named incorrectly.


Version 2.0.0


Release Date: January 28, 2011
Hg Tag: v2.0.0


  • General changes
    • PHP 4 support is removed. CodeIgniter now requires PHP 5.1.6.
    • Scaffolding, having been deprecated for a number of versions, has been removed.
    • Plugins have been removed, in favor of Helpers. The CAPTCHA plugin has been converted to a Helper and documented. The JavaScript calendar plugin was removed due to the ready availability of great JavaScript calendars, particularly with jQuery.
    • Added new special Library type: Drivers.
    • Added full query-string support. See the config file for details.
    • Moved the application folder outside of the system folder.
    • Moved system/cache and system/logs directories to the application directory.
    • Added routing overrides to the main index.php file, enabling the normal routing to be overridden on a per "index" file basis.
    • Added the ability to set config values (or override config values) directly from data set in the main index.php file. This allows a single application to be used with multiple front controllers, each having its own config values.
    • Added $config['directory_trigger'] to the config file so that a controller sub-directory can be specified when running _GET strings instead of URI segments.
    • Added ability to set "Package" paths - specific paths where the Loader and Config classes should try to look first for a requested file. This allows distribution of sub-applications with their own libraries, models, config files, etc. in a single "package" directory. See the Loader class documentation for more details.
    • In-development code is now hosted at BitBucket.
    • Removed the deprecated Validation Class.
    • Added CI_ Prefix to all core classes.
    • Package paths can now be set in application/config/autoload.php.
    • Upload library file_name can now be set without an extension, the extension will be taken from the uploaded file instead of the given name.
    • In Database Forge the name can be omitted from $this->dbforge->modify_column()'s 2nd param if you aren't changing the name.
    • $config['base_url'] is now empty by default and will guess what it should be.
    • Enabled full Command Line Interface compatibility with config['uri_protocol'] = 'CLI';.
  • Libraries
    • Added a Cache driver with APC, memcached, and file-based support.
    • Added $prefix, $suffix and $first_url properties to Pagination library.
    • Added the ability to suppress first, previous, next, last, and page links by setting their values to FALSE in the Pagination library.
    • Added Security library, which now contains the xss_clean function, filename_security function and other security related functions.
    • Added CSRF (Cross-site Reference Forgery) protection to the Security library.
    • Added $parse_exec_vars property to Output library.
    • Added ability to enable / disable individual sections of the Profiler
    • Added a wildcard option $config['allowed_types'] = '*' to the File Uploading Class.
    • Added an 'object' config variable to the XML-RPC Server library so that one can specify the object to look for requested methods, instead of assuming it is in the $CI superobject.
    • Added "is_object" into the list of unit tests capable of being run.
    • Table library will generate an empty cell with a blank string, or NULL value.
    • Added ability to set tag attributes for individual cells in the Table library
    • Added a parse_string() method to the Parser Class.
    • Added HTTP headers and Config information to the Profiler output.
    • Added Chrome and Flock to the list of detectable browsers by browser() in the User Agent Class.
    • The Unit Test Class now has an optional "notes" field available to it, and allows for discrete display of test result items using $this->unit->set_test_items().
    • Added a $xss_clean class variable to the XMLRPC library, enabling control over the use of the Security library's xss_clean() method.
    • Added a download() method to the FTP library
    • Changed do_xss_clean() to return FALSE if the uploaded file fails XSS checks.
    • Added stripslashes() and trim()ing of double quotes from $_FILES type value to standardize input in Upload library.
    • Added a second parameter (boolean) to $this->zip->read_dir('/path/to/directory', FALSE) to remove the preceding trail of empty folders when creating a Zip archive. This example would contain a zip with "directory" and all of its contents.
    • Added ability in the Image Library to handle PNG transparency for resize operations when using the GD lib.
    • Modified the Session class to prevent use if no encryption key is set in the config file.
    • Added a new config item to the Session class sess_expire_on_close to allow sessions to auto-expire when the browser window is closed.
    • Improved performance of the Encryption library on servers where Mcrypt is available.
    • Changed the default encryption mode in the Encryption library to CBC.
    • Added an encode_from_legacy() method to provide a way to transition encrypted data from CodeIgniter 1.x to CodeIgniter 2.x. Please see the upgrade instructions for details.
    • Altered Form_Validation library to allow for method chaining on set_rules(), set_message() and set_error_delimiters() functions.
    • Altered Email Library to allow for method chaining.
    • Added request_headers(), get_request_header() and is_ajax_request() to the input class.
    • Altered User agent library so that is_browser(), is_mobile() and is_robot() can optionally check for a specific browser or mobile device.
    • Altered Input library so that post() and get() will return all POST and GET items (respectively) if there are no parameters passed in.
  • Database
    • database configuration.
    • Added autoinit value to database configuration.
    • Added stricton value to database configuration.
    • Added database_exists() to the Database Utilities Class.
    • Semantic change to db->version() function to allow a list of exceptions for databases with functions to return version string instead of specially formed SQL queries. Currently this list only includes Oracle and SQLite.
    • Fixed a bug where driver specific table identifier protection could lead to malformed queries in the field_data() functions.
    • Fixed a bug where an undefined class variable was referenced in database drivers.
    • Modified the database errors to show the filename and line number of the problematic query.
    • Removed the following deprecated functions: orwhere, orlike, groupby, orhaving, orderby, getwhere.
    • Removed deprecated _drop_database() and _create_database() functions from the db utility drivers.
    • Improved dbforge create_table() function for the Postgres driver.
  • Helpers
    • Added convert_accented_characters() function to text helper.
    • Added accept-charset to the list of inserted attributes of form_open() in the Form Helper.
    • Deprecated the dohash() function in favour of do_hash() for naming consistency.
    • Non-backwards compatible change made to get_dir_file_info() in the File Helper. No longer recurses by default so as to encourage responsible use (this function can cause server performance issues when used without caution).
    • Modified the second parameter of directory_map() in the Directory Helper to accept an integer to specify recursion depth.
    • Modified delete_files() in the File Helper to return FALSE on failure.
    • Added an optional second parameter to byte_format() in the Number Helper to allow for decimal precision.
    • Added alpha, and sha1 string types to random_string() in the String Helper.
    • Modified prep_url() so as to not prepend http:// if the supplied string already has a scheme.
    • Modified get_file_info in the file helper, changing filectime() to filemtime() for dates.
    • Modified smiley_js() to add optional third parameter to return only the javascript with no script tags.
    • The img() function of the HTML helper will now generate an empty string as an alt attribute if one is not provided.
    • If CSRF is enabled in the application config file, form_open() will automatically insert it as a hidden field.
    • Added sanitize_filename() into the Security helper.
    • Added ellipsize() to the Text Helper
    • Added elements() to the Array Helper
  • Other Changes
    • Added an optional second parameter to show_404() to disable logging.
    • Updated loader to automatically apply the sub-class prefix as an option when loading classes. Class names can be prefixed with the standard "CI_" or the same prefix as the subclass prefix, or no prefix at all.
    • Increased randomness with is_really_writable() to avoid file collisions when hundreds or thousands of requests occur at once.
    • Switched some DIR_WRITE_MODE constant uses to FILE_WRITE_MODE where files and not directories are being operated on.
    • get_mime_by_extension() is now case insensitive.
    • Added "default" to the list Reserved Names.
    • Added 'application/x-msdownload' for .exe files and ''application/x-gzip-compressed' for .tgz files to config/mimes.php.
    • Updated the output library to no longer compress output or send content-length headers if the server runs with zlib.output_compression enabled.
    • Eliminated a call to is_really_writable() on each request unless it is really needed (Output caching)
    • Documented append_output() in the Output Class.
    • Documented a second argument in the decode() function for the Encryption Class.
    • Documented db->close().
    • Updated the router to support a default route with any number of segments.
    • Moved _remove_invisible_characters() function from the Security Library to common functions.
    • Added audio/mpeg3 as a valid mime type for MP3.


Bug fixes for 2.0.0


  • Fixed a bug where you could not change the User-Agent when sending email.
  • Fixed a bug where the Output class would send incorrect cached output for controllers implementing their own _output() method.
  • Fixed a bug where a failed query would not have a saved query execution time causing errors in the Profiler
  • Fixed a bug that was writing log entries when multiple identical helpers and plugins were loaded.
  • Fixed assorted user guide typos or examples (#10693, #8951, #7825, #8660, #7883, #6771, #10656).
  • Fixed a language key in the profiler: "profiler_no_memory_usage" to "profiler_no_memory".
  • Fixed an error in the Zip library that didn't allow downloading on PHP 4 servers.
  • Fixed a bug in the Form Validation library where fields passed as rule parameters were not being translated (#9132)
  • Modified inflector helper to properly pluralize words that end in 'ch' or 'sh'
  • Fixed a bug in xss_clean() that was not allowing hyphens in query strings of submitted URLs.
  • Fixed bugs in get_dir_file_info() and get_file_info() in the File Helper with recursion, and file paths on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug where Active Record override parameter would not let you disable Active Record if it was enabled in your database config file.
  • Fixed a bug in reduce_double_slashes() in the String Helper to properly remove duplicate leading slashes (#7585)
  • Fixed a bug in values_parsing() of the XML-RPC library which prevented NULL variables typed as 'string' from being handled properly.
  • Fixed a bug were form_open_multipart() didn't accept string attribute arguments (#10930).
  • Fixed a bug (#10470) where get_mime_by_extension() was case sensitive.
  • Fixed a bug where some error messages for the SQLite and Oracle drivers would not display.
  • Fixed a bug where files created with the Zip Library would result in file creation dates of 1980.
  • Fixed a bug in the Session library that would result in PHP error when attempting to store values with objects.
  • Fixed a bug where extending the Controller class would result in a fatal PHP error.
  • Fixed a PHP Strict Standards Error in the index.php file.
  • Fixed a bug where getimagesize() was being needlessly checked on non-image files in is_allowed_type().
  • Fixed a bug in the Encryption library where an empty key was not triggering an error.
  • Fixed a bug in the Email library where CC and BCC recipients were not reset when using the clear() method (#109).
  • Fixed a bug in the URL Helper where prep_url() could cause a PHP error on PHP versions < 5.1.2.
  • Added a log message in core/output if the cache directory config value was not found.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple libraries could not be loaded by passing an array to load->library()
  • Fixed a bug in the html helper where too much white space was rendered between the src and alt tags in the img() function.
  • Fixed a bug in the profilers _compile_queries() function.
  • Fixed a bug in the date helper where the DATE_ISO8601 variable was returning an incorrectly formatted date string.